Editorial Manager’s Ghana Visit in March, 2019

ATNP is grateful to the ACI team for their invitation and warm hospitality. Kyama attended an insightful doctoral seminar on digital archiving of audiovisual material. He also met with the Rector Prof Quarshie and various staff members including Prof Mary Bediako, Prof Philip Laryea, Ben Yamoah and the registrar Ben Asiedu.

Kyama also paid a courtesy call to Prof Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, the president of Trinity Theological Seminary. While there he met a half dozen faculty members in various departments. The visit also included visits to several publishers, bookshops and a printing press. Kyama was able to bring to JHIA books about African Christianity, made available through generous discounts by Routledge.   The Ghana trip highlighted ACI’s commitment to ATNP’s vision. It also brought to the fore the urgent need for collaboration to produce quality scholarly material across the continent.

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