Authors' Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in ATNP. We are committed to providing high-quality theological scholarship in our areas of focus. Our goal is to provide opportunities for scholars like you to share their content with the world.

ATNP publishes and distributes manuscripts in these four areas -
Christianity and Society: Politics, Governance, Development, Economics, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and Religious Pluralism, Health and wellness, Prosperity and well being.
History: Regional and Local Histories of Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora
Theology: Contemporary Issues in African Christian Theology and Mission
Education: Christian Higher Education

If you have content in any one of these focus areas, here below are the steps to submit a Manuscript proposal. We also recommend if you haven't already, that you browse our writers' resources Here.

Manuscript Proposal Guidelines
  1. Download the manuscript submission guidelines (here) and the style guide (here).
  2. Please prepare a manuscript proposal according to the guidelines and email it to with the subject header "Manuscript Proposal"
Your proposal will be assessed by members of the editorial committee and a response sent back to you. Please allow for up to 6 weeks for a thorough review process. We look forward to reading your work. In the meantime you are welcome to browse the resources we have put together to help you improve your writing Here.

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