About ATNP

Mission: An ecumenical press serving the church in Africa and the Diaspora through affordable, high-quality, scholarly publications accessible on the continent and globally.
Vision: Training the next generation of Academics and Church workers, Advancing Theological Discourse.
ATNP publishes books in the following areas:
  • Christianity and Society: Politics, Governance, Development, Economics, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and Religious Pluralism
  • History: Regional and Local Histories of Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Theology: Contemporary Issues in African Christian Theology and Mission
  • Education: Christian Higher Education

Learn more about ATNP's partner organizations Here. Learn more about ATNP's board Here.
Collaborate with ATNP: Would you like to distribute our books to your audience in your country? Are you a publisher working on a project and would like to collaborate with us? Do you see the potential and would like to participate in what we are doing by funding a book project? We know that there are many exciting possibilities. We have begun exploring some of them and we are excited about what we are seeing. Your thoughts and contribution will do much to strengthen theological scholarship on the continent, so let us have a conversation. Please  Click Here

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About ATNP

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