About ATNP

The African Theological Network Press (ATNP), is an ecumenical venture, committed to serving the church in Africa and the Diaspora. Our commitment is to strengthen its life and witness through high-quality scholarly publications by African scholars, that address contextual mission concerns, and are accessible and affordable across the continent, as well as globally. The ATNP vision is to advance theological discourse as we provide material for academics and church workers.  Our focus areas aim to be relevant and responsive to the theological academic needs on the continent and beyond. ATNP publishes books in the following areas:  Christianity and Society : Politics, Governance, Development, Economics, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and Religious Pluralism History : Regional and Local Histories of Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora Theology : Contemporary Issues in African Christian Theology and Mission Education : Christian Higher Education You can learn mor

Writing Clearly: Composing your Academic Piece

Kyama Mugambi, ATNP Editorial Manager, talks about how to compose an academic piece to improve clarity and avoid common mistakes.

Writing Clearly: Overcoming common mistakes in Academic Writing

Kyama Mugambi, ATNP Editorial Manager, draws from his experience to discuss 5 common mistakes African scholars need to overcome as they write.