About ATNP

The African Theological Network Press (ATNP), is an ecumenical venture, committed to serving the church in Africa and the Diaspora. Our commitment is to strengthen its life and witness through high-quality scholarly publications by African scholars, that address contextual mission concerns, and are accessible and affordable across the continent, as well as globally.
The ATNP vision is to advance theological discourse as we provide material for academics and church workers.  Our focus areas aim to be relevant and responsive to the theological academic needs on the continent and beyond.
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African Theological Network Press,
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Tel: 254 719 177919

African Theological Network Press,
JHIA, Hekima College, Riara Lane
Nairobi, Kenya

The Manuscript Proposal

The Manuscript proposal is one of the most important documents in the quest to get published. In this session, Dr Kyama Mugambi talks about the Manuscript Proposal, explaining why the proposal is crucial for the publishing process. The session also outlines the elements of the proposal. Dr. Mugambi is the Editorial Manager at African Theological Network Press.

New Books for Distribution in East Africa

ATNP is pleased to announce the distribution in East Africa of Emmanuel Katongole'sThe Sacrifice of Africa and Kwame Bediako'sJesus in Africa. The books are available for purchase in East Africa at the JHIA office, 3rd Floor HIPSIR building, Riara Lane, Riara Rd, Nairobi. For more information email

The Sacrifice of Africa is Fr Katongole’s honest confrontation of Africa’s painful legacy, and a compelling demonstration of the real potential of Christianity to interrupt and transform entrenched political imaginations to create a different story for Africa.
Jesus in Africa is the best source of Prof Bediako’s “insights into the Christ of present-day African history and the Jesus of African faith.” The book is a useful introduction to “understanding Christianity as lived by countless Africans in a high stakes search for liberation and peace.”